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Community centred pricing

As a self-employed herbalist, I naturally operate my business in a not-for-profit way. This means that funds generated from consultations, herbal teas and tinctures go straight back into the business, providing a small income along the way that enables me and my family to meet our basic needs. 

It is my wish to serve my community by making high quality herbal treatment as financially accessible as possible. In order to do so, I have created this sliding scale of pricing, adapted from the work of Alexis J Cunningfolk ( via my treasured colleague Lorie Solis ( whose work in the community I value highly. 

This community supported funding scheme allows for greater accessibility and inclusivity for the differently resourced in our communities. Before coming to the consultation, please read the following categories and choose which best reflects your ability to invest in yourself and this community.

Please also be aware that the prices below are for the consultation only. Herbal treatment with tinctures, teas, oils, capsules, powders or salves is extra, and will depend on the cost of the herbs and preparations. For tincture the price per week is €14, for dried herbs it's €8 per 100g, and powders are €10 per 100g.  

First appointment, adult (1.5 - 2 hrs)

Redistributor:  €95 

Consider paying at this level if one or more of the following apply: you are comfortably able to meet your basic needs, own a newer car and/or a home or rent a higher end property, have access to financial savings, have reliable work or do not need to work to meet your needs, can afford to travel every year, have expendable income, have adult children who you regularly support financially

Payer Forward: €75

Consider paying at this level if one or more of the following apply: you sometimes stress about meeting basic needs but still regularly achieve them, are able to buy some new items and thrift others, can travel every couple/few years without burden, have some debt but it does not prevent access to basic needs/wants, have grown children who you sometimes support financially in some ways

Sustainer: €55

Consider paying at this level if you: have very limited expendable income, have unstable employment but are still able to meet basic needs, have little or no access to savings, have higher debt that requires some sacrifices on needs/wants, have children who you are not able to support much financially. 

Invest-What-You-Can (one reserved opening per month)

Consider this option only if you struggle to meet your basic needs and paying would be a significant hardship.

Follow-up, adult (45 min - 1 hr)

Redistributor:  €65

Payer Forward: €45

Sustainer: €35

First appointment, child (1 - 1.5hrs)

Redistributor:  €70

Payer Forward: €50

Sustainer: €40

Follow up, child (30 -45 mins)

Redistributor:  €50

Payer Forward: €40

Sustainer: €30 

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