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I’m so happy you’re here! 

See below on how to get started working with me, or book a call to discuss your needs. 


The Mineral Package

We use targeted mineral testing to highlight the root cause of your symptoms, and then design a customised mineral rebalancing protocol for you. 

Includes 1 hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA), three 1:1 coaching sessions with Poppy, a customised protocol + email support in between appointments. 


The Mineral + Herbal Package

I combine my extensive knowledge of holistic medicine from the East & West with up-to-date mineral & nutritional science to design a comprehensive protocol for your unique needs.

Includes 1 HTMA, three 1:1 coaching sessions, your mineral protocol, 3 months of tailored herbal prescriptions, and email support.


The Program 

My 1:1 signature program for busy mums who want more energy, stable moods & seamless, healthy cycles.

This is a 4-month journey to radiant health for mamas, based on my own lived experience and working with hundreds of women like you.

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