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Master your Hormones, Master your Life.

A 4-month Journey to Seamless Cycles for Mums

Are you tired of feeling drained, stressed, and disconnected from your body? Imagine a life where you have boundless energy, stable moods, and a deep understanding of your body's natural rhythms. 

Welcome to Hormone Mastery for Mums: a 4-Month Journey to Stable Moods & Seamless Cycles – where hormonal balance meets empowered living.


I’m Poppy, and I help mums get their mojo back.

I know you have a lot on your plate, mama. I see you, trying to look after everyone else and somehow fit in self care. I’ve been there. And I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be so hard. You can have consistent energy, stable moods and regular healthy periods, by taking the important step of investing in yourself and your health.  

In this 4-month 1:1 journey with me, I will take you through my tried & tested step-by-step process to recovering hormonal balance, reconnecting with your body and reclaiming your female power. 

Your Path to Hormone Happiness Starts Here 

What you’ll Experience 

Three Stages of Hormone Mastery: Replenish, Reconnect & Reclaim. 


Personalised coaching sessions 

Go deep with 1:1 coaching sessions tailored to your needs. Poppy combines her expertise in Western herbalism, Chinese medicine, postpartum care, nutrition & mineral therapy to create a holistic health plan that covers all the bases. 


Root cause testing methods

Poppy uses hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) to uncover the root cause of hormonal symptoms in her clients. Paired with hormonal & nutritional bloodwork if needed, this method delivers quick results that you’ll be able to see & experience.    


Comprehensive Resources

Access a wealth of resources including meal plans & recipes, cycle-tracking tools, and the 30-day Gut Reset protocol. Collaboratively track your progress and celebrate your victories together.


Tailored herbal prescriptions

Experience the power of herbal medicine with a herbal prescription that is uniquely tailored to your specific needs. Poppy uses a combination of Western and Chinese herbs to address hormonal imbalance from all angles. 


Janina says

Poppy is very kind, with a lot of empathy and deeper understanding and she patiently listens to really get to the cause of the problem. In my case, she helps me very much with some issues with my period I used to have many years. Like almost immediately it got better. Im so happy and grateful for that. Thank you so much!

Paloma says

I've met Poppy a couple of years ago. The doctors had diagnosed me with PCO syndrome and Haschimoto. My period was very irregular at that time and the doctors said that it would be very difficult for me to get pregnant without taking artificial hormones. Having heard that these hormones have strong side effects I decided to see a medical herbalist and I had the great fortune to meet Poppy. Her great knowledge and passion about herbs helped me to regulate my hormones and only 10 months later I became pregnant with my beautiful baby girl. I would recommend Poppy to anyone who is looking for a professional, dedicated, yet humorous herbalist.

Katya says

Poppy has been a fantastic support along my health journey! After struggling to feel listened to and taken seriously by various doctors after experiencing an array of symptoms following coming off the pill, working with Poppy was a huge breath of fresh air that I was seriously in need of.She always made me feel like what I was experiencing was valid and I felt like she was on my side working with me to improve my health and wellbeing every step of the way.

I have really appreciated Poppy's rounded approach to treatment and that she took the time to look at the full picture of what was going on in my life as well as the symptoms I was reporting. I can confidently say that I feel so much better from working with Poppy and that she has been instrumental in my healing journey and I would happily recommend working with her!


Ready to Master your Hormones? 

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Need more info?

Book a FREE 20-minute Discovery Call with Poppy and find out if Hormone Mastery for Mums is the right choice for you. 

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